Two Guys Grille Beer Menu (as of MONDAY 4/12/21 CHEERS!!!)

Tropical Lightning
West Coast IPA 7.4%
Flagship IPA w/ notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple.  If you’re new to ILM and can only try one beer, try a Trop!

Honey Brown Ale
Bills Brewing Company
London style brown ale with copious amounts of organic honey

Kolsch Krush (BACK AGAIN!)
Wrightsville Beach Brewery
Orange peel and vanilla. Think orange push-up-pop from back in the day!

Sweet Boy
West Coast DIPA 8.4%
Big and bold and beautifully light bodied west coast.  Crisp citrus notes.

Abundant Sunshine (NEW!!!!!!)
American IPA 7.2%
Waterman’s Brewing
Light w/ a straw color. Lingering piney resin. True AMERICAN IPA

Kolsch 5.3%
Waterline Brewing Company
Smooth and crisp, delicately balanced German-style beer. Subdued maltiness at first but finishes w/ a refreshing citrus tang with light hops

Hittin Switches (NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!)
West Coast IPA 7.4%
Bills Brewing
Hazy dominated by citrus and pies of a west coast beer

Airlie Amber Ale
Wrightsville Beach Brewery 5.2%
American Amber. Malty, refreshing amber ale with hints of nuttiness and dried fruit

Electronic Fog (NEW!!!!!!!!)
Flying Machine Brewing Company
Grassy, citrus, bright

Key Lime Lager (NEW!!!!!!!!!)
Wilmington Brewing Co
Lager 4.7 %
Tart and crisp.  Hint of salt and tastes a little sour.  Refreshing drink

Scallywag Session IPA (NEW!!!!!!!!)
Edward Teach 4.7%
Excellent dad beer.  Light but flavorful.

Miller Lite