Two Guys Grille Draft Beer
*Updated Sunday January 23rd Cheers*

Tropical Lightning
West Coast IPA 7.4%
Flagship IPA w/ notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple.  If you’re new to ILM and can only try one beer, try a Trop!

Citra Mole Down
New England IPA 6.7%
Mad Mole

Our favorite MM beer! Hazy and juicy. Delicious

Electronic Fog
Flying Machine
Hazy. Notes of citrus, bright, grassy. Drinks crisp and light for a hazy. One of FM’s flagships.

Raspberry Molay (NEW!)
Raspberry Kolsch 5.7%
Mad Mole Brewing
Brewed w/ 168 lbs of raspberries. Light, crisp, slightly tart and super crushable!

Honey Brown Ale
Brown Ale 6.2%
Bills Brewing
This Honey drip is a fantastic London style brown ale rounded w/ copious amounts of organic honey

Seven Saturday

IPA 6.2%
R&D Brewing Raleigh NC
Modern IPA. Slightly golden in color. Notes of grapefruit, mango, passion fruit

Waterline Kolsch
Kolsch 5.3%
Waterline Brewing Company
Smooth and crisp, delicately balanced German-style beer. Subdued maltiness at first but finishes w/ a refreshing citrus tang with light hops

Teach’s Peaches
Peach Wheat 5%
Edward Teach
Light bodied ale w/ malt character. 80 lbs of peach and apricot purée in the mash!

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA
IPA 6.8%
Sierra Nevada (Asheville NC)
Sierra Nevada’s Christmas IPA. Citrus, pine the PERFECT winter beer. One of my favorite holiday traditions!

Airlie Amber (NEW!)
Amber Ale 5.2%
Wrightsville Beach Brewery
Malty, refreshing amber ale with hints of nuttiness and dried fruit.

Miller Lite

Bud Light
Bold Rock Cider
White Claw
Omission (Gluten Reduced)
Truly Classic Lime Margarita-style!

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay
La Crema Pinot Gris
Shooting Star Sauvignon Blanc
Essence Riesling
Prosecco Split
14 Hands Merlot
Aquinas Pinot Noir